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Joseph Wells

Joseph Wells is a storyteller in the purest form, who has grown up predominately in Sydney’s South Western suburbs of Riverwood & Bankstown. The diversity of his experiences has flourished a curious mind, being a conscious observer of the community around him, and himself. His creative background comprises of Music, Photography & Film, each intertwining and adding colour into a unique process. Inspired visually as much as musically, Joseph’s multi-disciplinary approach to art is unapologetically driven by an honest representation of his world growing up. “Visual art being an insight into other worlds” summarised by Joseph, allows us into his mind, an indication his work is rich with interconnected layers and influence.

From a young age, Joseph was introduced to a wide variety of music. Surrounded by lots of instruments at home too, it was a natural progression when Joseph was first exposed to performing music at church, learning to sing, play the guitar, drums whilst the parents were conversing, even the harmonica too. He doesn’t have specific memories of learning musical instruments, although he recalls learning the blues on guitar as a formative &
memorable experience.

This curiosity unfolded throughout his dive into film & photography respectably, as well as his eventual growth into exploring production & MC’ing. Citing the reference points in the R&B / Jazz of Solange, production & visual aesthetics of Pharrell, grounding in 90’s Hip-Hop, but equally in modern Oakland & New York Hip Hop flavours such as Mike, Overcast & Madane, giving just a slight indication to where Joseph Wells is communicating from. Animated yet calm, his work reflects the alternative and misrepresented sides of our culture, the honest & the struggle, without compromise.

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