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Local Joints 001

Adrian Castillo / Pho Lam, Canley Heights.

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Beat Kitchen Records is happy to announce our first instalment of Local Joints with one of our closest homies, Adrian Castillo, who is ¼ of Soul Food Orchestra and an integral part of the BKR team. Born and raised in Fairfield, Western Sydney - an area characterised by its large Middle Eastern, South-East Asian, European and South American communities, Adrian shares a love for multi-cultural cuisine.

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Nestled between small businesses on busy Canley Vale Road we linked with Adrian and Erin at Pho Lam, a small family-run joint best known for their pho, which Adrian claims is the ‘best in the area’. After downing 4 bowls of the pho bo, we chatted with the owner Peter who told us the restaurant had opened its doors in 1998 and was originally run by his parents who immigrated to Western Sydney from Vietnam. Peter had taken over the restaurant a few years ago and plays an important part of the local community, telling us that customers mainly visit for a warm bowl of pho all year long.

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We highly recommend the pho bo with beef balls, brisket and tripe, Like all good places this joint is cash only. Big love to Peter and the staff at Pho Lam for letting us in the kitchen and for the chat!

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210 Canley Vale Rd, Canley Heights NSW 2166

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