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Local Joints 002

Mo Aung / Sun's Burmese Kitchen, Blacktown.

In anticipation for his debut Beat Kitchen Records release, Mo Aung took us to one of his favourite restaurants for Local Joints 002, a series where we invite our homies to take us to their favourite local family run eateries. Episode Two finds us in the heart of Blacktown, a heavily multicultural suburb characterised by the large waves of immigration from Pacific Islander, Indian and South-East Asian communities over the past three decades.

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Nestled off the busy main road, tucked behind a KFC, Sun’s Burmese Kitchen stands bright with its shimmering neon lights. Initially opened in April, 2012 - Sun’s is an ode to the traditional cuisine of Burma, one that owner Hsan Myint Aung believed did not authentically exist in Sydney. Aung describes Burmese cuisine as a mixture of different influences from neighbouring countries, borrowing the spices and curries from India, whilst maintaining traditional rice and noodle servings from China.

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Big love to Hsan Myint Aung and wife Lyn for being so welcoming, and taking the time to chat with us. A couple dish recommendations from Mo include; the Mixed Entree, Chicken Danbauk, Nan Pya Thoke Salad, Mohinga, Lahpet Thoke Salad and the Chicken Rural Curry.

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10 Tulloch St, Blacktown NSW 2148

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